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Awareness Community Membership

This membership provides access to a our community of like minded people who are dedicated to becoming free from being trapped by addictions, and other internal, automatic, mental and emotional reactions.

This is also an opening to True, Open, Awareness. This is a state of genuine personal freedom to choose in every area of our lives, resulting in a deep state of peace, contentment, connection, and much more.

This membership is designed for those who want a deeper understanding of our lived experience, and how our addictions and other automatic reactions can naturally fall away without resistance.

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“I gave away alcohol in a couple of months, and I didn't think I could do it!”
Peter McPherson
New South Wales
Truequit is amazing it set me free! I smoked around 20 cigarettes a day for 52 years and tried everything to give up over many years. Willpower Champix, patches, everything really. I haven't smoked for over a year. Am so glad I am now free of it.
Sandra Shelford
"I was watching the videos, and re-watching the videos, and loving every one, because they taught me things ... gave me emotional support, physical support, and mental all wrapped into one.."
Ovida Brophy
Western Australia

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